Parkade Services

Whether your property needs a one-time parkade cleaning service or a year round maintenance program, we will design a comprehensive parkade cleaning program that will meet your properties needs while ensuring a safe, clean and functional environment. Maintaining hardscape surfaces not only increases their longevity, but also eliminates unexpected hazards and air pollution hazards that expose your company to unforeseen liabilities.

CPM is committed to best safety practices and environmental businesses practices. We realize that the services we perform can create several environmental and health related hazards that can’t be ignored. For more information on these hazards and how we reduce or eliminate these hazards please contact

Underground Parking Lot Maintenance

Daily traffic in your parking structure inevitably leads to buildup of dirt, dust, gravel, oil and other contaminants that are not only unsightly, but also potentially hazardous to personal safety and the environment. These deposits can also lessen the integrity of your surfaces, resulting in premature wearing of surfaces.

Power Sweeping

Power sweeping is for the removal of dust, gravel and other debris from your parking lot, without the use of water or detergents. Those areas of your property that cannot be accessed by our power sweeper are hand swept manually by our experienced operators. Power sweeping can be a standalone service or the first step cleaning process and can be a very cost-effective part of your ongoing maintenance schedule.

Power Scrubbing

Power scrubbing is for the removal of light dirt, dust, oil, stains and other debris from your property using specialized equipment, with the use of water and detergents. Those areas of your property that cannot be accessed by our power scrubber are rinsed or power washed manually by our experienced operators. Power scrubbing is the second step of the cleaning process and is completed in conjunction with power sweeping. 

Power Washing

Power washing and/or rinsing is the final phase in the cleaning process. Power washing ties in the power sweeping and power scrubbing functions to create a thorough cleaning service, that involves washing the base of walls, around the base of pillars and all areas that the power scrubbing machine cannot access such as storage cages, bicycle parking areas, islands and walkways. Nothing else can get your lot looking as clean.

Pipe Cleaning

Overhead pipes throughout the parkade can acquire a buildup of dust, dirt, animal waste and exhaust. Power washing and rinsing down the pipes may cause severe and costly damage to surrounding electrical components and equipment. We have developed specialized techniques and equipment that will clean your pipes while reducing liability concerns.