Environmental Compliance

CPM has developed a proactive approach to environmental compliance support for our clients. Our strength lies in monitoring regulatory developments on our clients’ behalf and anticipating the most appropriate response options to help meet environmental obligations. Sustainability is playing a crucial role in our client’s operations, and we pledge to conduct our business in a way that supports our client’s vision to respect the environment. Because of this, our concern for the environment has always been an integral and fundamental part of our business. We understand that in performing our services, we affect our clients, their customers, communities and the environment. Because of this, we continually work to balance our business objectives with the need to preserve, protect and improve the local environment.

We pledge to always act in the best interest of our clients and those affected by our services. We will comply with all applicable environmental legislation, policies and regulations and to conduct our operations in a manner which will control, minimize, and/or eliminate any damage to the environment while protecting the health and safety of our employees and communities

Air Quality & Dust control measures -

Implementation of dust control procedures to reduce to airborne particulates.

Emissions Controls –

Prevent pollution by reducing and eliminating emissions to the environment by using new and properly maintained equipment.

Waste Management –

Properly handle and dispose of waste at approved government facilities

Hazardous Materials Management -

Reduce and eliminate the use in our service provision.

Raw Materials Management -

Responsible Sourcing of Materials with a focus on reusing, rather than dispose, whenever possible and promote recycling and use of recycled materials.

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan –

Implementation of storm water management programs that meet governmental requirements.

Monitoring -

Constant and consistent monitoring of our environmental performance and communicate, and educate our progress to all interested parties.