Drains, Sewers and Catch Basins

Blocked drains of all shapes and sizes can be cleared with a method known as line jetting or hydro flushing.

Hydro Jetting is a an efficient, effective and environmentally friendly way to clean drain systems by using high pressure water forced through a nozzle that breaks up sludge and other debris while descaling and flushing out the drain system. As the blockages and debris are flushed from the pipe, the vacuum truck sucks it up and we haul it to a government-approved facility.

CPM uses a video inspection cameras to show you where your drain is blocked and what is the cause of the blockage is. We can get the problem cleared.

Catch Basins and Sump Pumps

At CPM we understand that catch basin and sump pit cleaning is an important service that plays a pivotal role in keeping your residential, commercial or municipal property in good operating condition. A catch basin or sump pit is to prevent items such as gravel, dirt, trash and other materials from entering the drainage system, and the waterways, which it empties into. If the basin is full of debris and sediment it will block the entrance to the sewer and drainage system, and will cause improper water drainage, which may lead to water pooling and flooding. Catch basin and sump pit cleaning will prevent these hazards as well as costly repairs and emergency services by reducing the amount of contaminants going into the sewer and local waterways. This coupled with stricter guidelines for these devices you could soon face fines or legal repercussions, it is imperative that catch basins be cleaned once a year or more (depending on activity) to maintain their ability to ensure residue does not enter the drainage system and subsequently their ability to prevent flooding.

CPM can remove water, debris and sediment from your catch basin with ease using our low profile vacuum or vac trucks

How do you know if catch basin cleaning is required for your storm water system? Because the catch basin is the very first part to any drainage system, water and debris that has built up around the existing grate is the first indication of a clogged basin. The whole purpose of a catch basin is to allow water to flow freely into an underground pipe so it can be appropriately discharged. If water is not freely flowing and is flooding your landscape, call our catch basin cleaning services.